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Join me in support! Any amount helps.

Anna Withers

It is with great excitement that I am creating a Winter Walk team for my 3rd year! I do this because I am deeply committed to helping the women served by Sarah's Circle.

I've met hundreds of women who have been able to rebuild their lives with the help of Sarah's Circle. I've met 18 year olds who have been attacked and abused and all they need is help getting a copy of their birth certificate and ID so they can apply for jobs and housing. I've met women in their 50s and 60s who've worked at a minimun wage job their whole lives, only to use up their entire life savings to cover a single medical emergency (try avoiding medical care when you are a 50+ female) who we helped find housing suitable for seniors on a limited budget. I've also met women who suffer from severe mental illness and are FINALLY able to get access to medication and counseling because Sarah's Circle helped connect them with the proper resources.

Sarah's Circle is able to provide life-changing resources and services to a diverse range of women who need help. I have seen this organization grow over the last 5 years and I have seen what we can do when we gather more funding. Money raised through this Winter Walk is a HUGE piece of how we raise funds each year.

I would be so grateful for you to join me support of this important work by making a donation. Our communities are better when people are cared for. Sarah's Circle is a critical piece in helping women who are homeless in Chicago. Please donate any amount you can----I assure you that every bit helps!

Thank you.


raised of $1,500 goal

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