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Raising Money for Sarah's Circle! One loaf at a time!

Evan Woods

Greetings! Welcome to my personal fundraising page! I am delighted and honored to be leading the "Walking Bread" Winter Walk team to our fundraising goal victory of $2,800!!

Any contribution to our team's goal will be greeted with enthusiasm and you will receive your very own loaf of banana bread crafted and baked with love! I am an AVID banana bread eater and amateur banana bread baker. While your donation will make a positive impact in the community, it is also helping me enhance my craft of baking! It is a win, win, win situation for all!!

I will be raising money and baking until February 18th! On this day we will all join together and walk hand-in-hand to learn about how YOUR contribution has made a POSITIVE impact in the community.

As the team captain, I am seeking fellow fundraisers, bakers, and our team's mascot - a Bernese Mountain Dog. If we are able to recruit a mascot to walk with us on February 18th, I will personally donate an additional $100 to our team! I am looking forward doing A LOT of baking and working with you to make a difference, one loaf at a time!!


raised of $1,000 goal

Recent Donations

1. AKAshley Kushner
2. MMMargaret Makris
I will donate the banana bread to Alex;)
3. MBMeosha Bates
4. LQLuis Quiñones
5. PRPatrick Robey
6. ESEmily Sachs Wong, Luxury Chicago Real Estate
Match for Elizabeth Ausland's donation!

Team The Walking Bread