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Linda Matthes

Thank you for visiting. Sarah's Circle does such great work for homeless women. This Winter Walk will take place on February 18th. Though it is only a mile long it represents the 2,800 women in Chicago who are homeless on any given night. If you would like to walk with me on this day, please let me know. Chicago winter nights can be brutal, please consider donating any amount that you can afford to help this very worthy cause. Thank you so much for your donation.



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Recent Donations

1. PSPat Shaw
Wishing you well, Linda. Thank you so much for all you do to make this world a better place. Love you. Pat
2. BRBarb Ricken
Great cause!
3. STSandra Thompson
4. LSLinda Shamblin
Please put in Linda's Donation Fundraiser total
5. BRBridget Roche
6. JFJen Forssander
This looks like a wonderful event! Thank you for doing this!