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Please help me raise CRUCIAL FUNDS for women in need across Chicago. The societal barriers of gender pervade the boundaries of class, and not surprisingly, have a harsher effect on women who have less.

YOU CAN HELP TODAY! If you can afford to donate, any gift will go a long way to help the women who Sarah's Circle serves.

For those who don't know, Sarah's Circle serves adult women (all female identifying individuals) who have fallen on hard times and need support.

Some clients are living on the streets of our city, others are doubled-up with friends or family, and some reside in housing programs. Some are experiencing these issues for the 1st time, some have been struggling for years on end. Many of the women served have a history of trauma and abuse, affecting their ability to live the life they would like to. If you are interested, here is some information about how trauma affects the brain: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3181836.

Sarah's Circle commits to offering the support they need to rebuild their lives. The agency provides access to resources like clothes, showers, lockers, computers, laundry machines, and phones, as well as case management, art therapy, and counseling.

Our Daytime Support Center is open to any women. There, she can access a safe space, participate in programming, escape the elements, and utilize resources during the day.

Our Interim Housing Program is a 50-bed shelter program, offering 24/7 support to women who are homeless. There is no limit on how long a woman can stay in the program, as we commit to helping her find housing rather than reintroducing homelessness.

Our Permanent Supportive Housing Program is designed to support women with a long history of homelessness. It's made up of about 30 units of single occupancy apartments in Uptown and Rogers Park.

To learn more about Sarah's Circle, check out sarahs-circle.org, or ask me!

For fun: youtube.com/watch?v=szhJzX0UgDM



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