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Anna Withers

I am privileged to get to meet the women who visit Sarah's Circle and hear their stories of survival and fortitude.

Sarah's Circle helps women because they meet a woman where she is. Staff do not intrude, but respect a woman's space. Once a woman is fed, warm, and feels safe, she is ready to handle larger goals of housing and good health. Through this process of getting her needs met and making an action plan for the future, she takes control of her life and begins moving forward.

I work for Sarah's Circle, I donate to Sarah's Circle, and I truly respect the processes we take to help women everyday.

If you can, I would really appreciate you helping me reach my fundraising goal of $1,000 by making a donation!

Make a donation or hop on my fundraising team to help us collect $2,500 in honor of Sarah's Circle's 25th Winter Walk anniversary.

Also, I hope that you enjoy the pictures of my dog.



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