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Sarah's Circle is very dear to me, for more reasons than I can explain!

They serve the women in Chicago who are without homes and without much hope.

These are women from all walks of life...many of whom have been abused, others are mentally ill.... All are women who deserve dignity and respect.

Sarah's does so much more than give a "hand out"!

Sarah's also helps women with housing, mental health services and job training.

As the former Board President, I can assure you that your donation will make a significant impact on the women so that they can have a more descent life filled with dignity.

Thank you for your donation... All are welcome!

Together we can make a difference!




raised of $10,000 goal

Recent Donations

1. SSShirley Simon
Happy to support this wonderful organization and your work on its behalf.
2. CTCassandra E Tomkins
Thank you, Breezer, for all of your impactful work! <3
3. CCChris Chien
4. EREllen Ross
5. FVFrances Varner
6. GSGina Schaefer