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Let's continue to march!

Haven Leeming

To continue momentum from successful Women's Marches across the country (and the world!), let's give our support to this local walk: Sarah's Circle 25th Annual Winter Walk.

Sarah's Circle is a Chicago nonprofit that works to provide housing solutions and counseling services for homeless women in Chicago. Located in Uptown, close to my home, Sarah's Circle serves over 900 women a year all over Chicago. I am proud to be involved with this organization as an Associate Board member with my friend Isabelle Dienstag.

On Sunday, February 26, 2017, Sarah’s Circle will host its 25th annual Winter Walk: a Mile in Her Shoes. The event is an opportunity to better understand homelessness through the eyes of those who struggle with it first hand. We will meet at Truman College before setting out for the walk; as we walk, we will listen to stories of women who have overcome homelessness with the support from Sarah's Circle.

In this new political climate, it's more important than ever to support organizations like Sarah's Circle. Isabelle and I are happy to lead a team and raise funds for this organization together. Let's continue to march! Thank you for supporting this event.


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1. JTJohn Leeming & Pamela Trudo
We are glad to support this important cause.
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Keep up the good work!
5. LALance Arberry
Haven, I'm happy to support the cause!
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Thanks for doing this! Walk on.
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