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Nathaniel Iovinelli

To anyone who takes the time to read my little message, Thank you.

Fear is proliferating throughout Chicago due to our current administration's goals regarding the treatment of mental illness, immigrant rights, affordable healthcare and housing, women's reproductive rights, LGBT protection in education and employment, as well as numerous other threats to our democracy.

Sarah's Circle is a Women's Shelter in Chicago that is actively working to combat this fear, and provide as many homeless women with not only shelter and food, but also mental health and other heath services, different forms of therapy, rehabilitation, hygienic needs, activities, and most importantly, a safe space.

If we all do what we can, Sarah's Circle will be able to continue helping Chicago's most vulnerable women. It would mean a lot if you could help by making a donation.

Thank you for your help and consideration,
Nathaniel "Red" Iovinelli


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